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Beans, beans, the musical fruit...but these beans don't sing no ordinary tune. 100% Fair Trade and Organic Certified, we work with Fair Trade Cooperatives in South America and South-East Asia to bring together the creme de la creme of our growers' Arabica coffee beans. These special little beans are especially chosen and roasted here at our happy little factory in Brunswick, Australia by John (Our Roasting "Guru").

How do you work your GCD beans? Well, these well-travelled babies have been especially roasted and blended to produce a smooth, medium-bodied espresso, suitable for milk based drinks or on its' own.

Best of all, there is nothing bitter about these beans -- officially Certified Organic by our mates at the Australian Certified Organic Label, they are grown by the cooperatives without the use of synthetic chemicals or fertilisers, and most importantly, the Fairtrade label ensures a fair go for our coffee-growing mates in the developing world. It gives you the same warm fuzzy feeling as staring at a barrel of kittens, but damn it tastes better!

Get em while you can - they're available in 500g packs in Original Organic, Latin Americas and Africas blends.

Do something good for yourself and change today, choose Fairtrade -- Choose Global Cafe Direct.

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Bean there, done that? Step onto holy Ground with our 100% Fair Trade Organic Arabica beans, which are vacuum-sealed by John's buddies in the factory in 250g packs, and are then ground for plunger, caffettiera, and dripolator - whatever rocks your socks, daddy-O!!

But whoa there! What about those yummy mummies who need their daily decaf dosage?? Well, Decaf divas, delight in our decadently delicious decaf! (Now say that fast ten times...)

What makes these delicious decaf grinds so different from most is the process we put them through -- and golly gosh, if you're going to get someone to do something well, then you ask the Swiss!! We use the Swiss Water Process on our precious beans, which means that our coffee doesnt lose a bit of its precious flavour through decaffeination.

Not only that, but it ensures your decaf is chemical free of methylene chloride and ethyl acetate - these chemical solvents are used in other decaffeination processes, which are known central nervous system depressants, as well as being key components in paint strippers, aerosols, and metal degreasers! Using only charcoal purification filters and water, the Swiss Water Process is your guarantee of better health for both you and our planet. Hey mama, you can't argue with that!!

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Many a person has asked us, what are these quirky-looking bags - are they some sort of delicious biscuit?? a drink coaster?? an over-fried egg???

Well, friends, the answer is simple: these are the latest fad in European coffee technology, and they are rocking the kasbah, the cafe and the kitchens across Europe, America, and now Oz.

Our sweet and delicious Original Organic Blend is available in 7g and 14g pod (ESE style). A pod is a ready-tamped perfect dose of coffee which simply slips into your current group head, or dedicated pod machine, to create a perfect espresso every time. There's no mess like instant, or fuss like ground, but all the flavour to match your favourite side-alley underground secret barista brew -- viva la Pod revolution, baby!!

Grown at a high altitude, this extremely smooth blend is certified Fairtrade and organic, and free from pesticides. To be honest, the best thing about Pods is that they make lazy look sexy -- and hey, when you're guaranteed a top-notch, no-mess, super-ethical espresso everytime, who's complaining??!

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